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December 22, 2021

At farm mechanisation continues to be promoted

In Austria, it is still possible to apply for agricultural investment support, also known as “support for indoor mechanisation”. In this article, we provide a brief overview of the most important key data in the field of indoor mechanisation so that you are well informed for the start of the new year. One thing is clear: If you want to invest in a feed mixer or in the associated silo removal technology, you should find out in advance about any funding opportunities in your federal state – because this can certainly be worthwhile.

Support for domestic agriculture

Before we go into detail, however, let’s briefly go “back to the roots” and thus, of course, to the general question: What is actually the goal of this promotion? In summary, it can be said that investment support is intended to make the agricultural sector in Austria even more innovative, professional and competitive. Special attention is paid to environmentally friendly and sustainable management of domestic farms in this promotion and also in the new guidelines.

Key data, facts and important info

After intensive research on this topic, we now summarise the most important information for you in order to provide you with an overview of this interesting funding opportunity. However, as the interpretation of the funding for indoor mechanisation often differs from region to region, it is of course always advisable to contact the competent authorities of the federal states (state governments or chambers of agriculture), which is the first point of contact for you on such occasions and also handles the application to the state.

Nevertheless – here are a few data that can be derived briefly and clearly from the funding documents:

  • The lower limit of eligible costs is € 15,000.
  • In most of the federal states it is a combination of investment subsidy (IZ) and agricultural investment credit (AIK). However, the AIK can usually be combined in addition; the main component of the subsidy is defined by the direct investment grant from the Land.
  • For investments in the area of indoor mechanisation – such as feed mixing wagons, feeding technology, silo unloading equipment – there is a 20% subsidy, whereby even individual machines can be combined with each other and should even be combined sensibly with each other due to the lower limit of € 15,000. After all, the aim of this subsidy is to increase economic efficiency, which is why a system or overall concept is always subsidised or assessed when an application is made.
  • A detailed overview of the individual feeding technology devices that are eligible for funding is given in the lower part of this article.
  • There are attractive supplements to the subsidy rate for young farmers, organic or mountain farms (between 5 and 10 %).
  • IMPORTANT: In any case, the application must be submitted BEFORE the investment project. So start your research into investment support early enough. Construction or investment can then begin as soon as the official application has been submitted.
  • Within the framework of this funding, there are fixed upper limits for implements for indoor farming only for farm tractors, wheel loaders, telescopic loaders and front loaders. For all other equipment, the lump sum cost rates of the ÖKL guideline values are assumed.

Practice tip:

When planning your project, take into account the composition of the machines that come into question for your farm and the generally applicable lower investment limits. Contact persons at the local district chamber of farmers will be happy to advise you on questions concerning the topic of subsidies and support you in the application process.

Watch out: This feeding technique is promoted

Generally speaking, in the area of indoor mechanisation, both stationary and trailed feed mixers as well as self-propelled feed mixers are eligible for a 20% investment subsidy (except for a few deviations in individual federal states). If you are considering converting your feeding system to a mixer wagon, now would be the ideal time to take a closer look at the associated silo removal technology. After all, silage grabs, cutting buckets, grapple buckets as well as bale cutters also fall within the investment programme – of course only if the lower limit of € 15,000 eligible costs is reached. Since this investment step often arises automatically in the course of purchasing a feed mixer anyway, it makes perfect sense to think about applying for a subsidy. After all, a good and well thought-out feeding process in coordination with the associated equipment will make your daily work easier and more economical.

GOOD TO KNOW: In the case of self-propelled feed mixers, from now on only those with electric drive will be subsidised. And, last but not least, fodder feeders also belong to the eligible machines of indoor mechanisation – here, too, a sensible combination of the individual systems applies due to the lower limits for eligible costs that have to be taken into account. The eligible machines described here should always fit into an overall investment concept and are subsidised on a system-specific basis. When applying, it is therefore important for you to describe the investment project well and to apply for a coherent project within it.

Diverse Austria - Overview of regional differences

Our home country Austria is not only a diverse wonder of landscape. In terms of funding, there are also small but subtle differences in the range of possible investment objects per federal province. Even though it is basically a nationwide funding measure, the individual federal states can still change the definition in a few points individually and adapt it to the respective region – an exciting topic that we took a closer look at.

Basically, the states of Upper Austria, Lower Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Vorarlberg and Burgenland agree on most points in the interpretation of the funding details. This means that the machines in feeding and silo removal technology already mentioned fall within the scope of agricultural investment support and are therefore eligible for a 20% subsidy. The whole thing looks somewhat different in Tyrol: For some time now, all indoor farming equipment has been subsidised there exclusively via an agricultural investment loan, not via a direct investment grant. However, if one considers the favourable interest rate of 0.75%, the subsidy measure via AIK can be worthwhile in any case. The minimum amount of the loan and thus the investment is also € 15,000. However, not only the beautiful province of Tyrol differs from the other provinces in terms of investment promotion, but Salzburg is also somewhat of an exception: In the entire province of Salzburg, funding for indoor mechanisation will only be available again from January 2023 – when a new funding period begins. Even though the details for this still have to be clearly defined, it is expected that feed mixers permanently connected to the barn, i.e. stationary mixing units, will again be subsidised with a 20% investment grant from 2023. All other machines used in indoor farming that are not considered fixed installations will then be subsidised in the form of an agricultural investment loan (AIK) with favourable interest rates.

So that you can go straight to the detailed information in your federal state, we have prepared all the links to the subsidy offices here. On the respective websites you will find all information, application forms and contact details for agricultural investment support. Finally, we would like to emphasise once again that for more detailed information on the topic of indoor mechanisation support, the respective local district chamber of farmers is always happy to help and offers good advisory opportunities.

Feeding and silage technology from MAMMUT

The goal in daily feeding should be to make the processes as efficient and smooth as possible – after all, it is a necessity and a basic requirement to provide your animals with the best feed 365 days a year. MAMMUT supports you in this and offers feed mixers with which rations suitable for ruminants can be produced with your own resources on the farm. The PROFI MIX series of feed mixers is characterised by its compact design and individual design options, which means that the unit can be ideally adapted to the structural situation. Stationary mixers with 1.5 m³ or 4 m³ volume, trailed fodder mixers with 4 m³ capacity but also self-propelled machines in a size of 1.5 m³ or 2.5 m³ represent a suitable product range for small dairy farms, mountain farms, bull fattening or calf fattening farms. The 20% subsidy for internal mechanisation applies to most models in the PROFI MIX feed mixer range – take advantage of this unique opportunity and make your farm operations even more convenient and economical.

But in order to get the individual forage components into the mixer wagon in high quality, a suitable silo removal technology is indispensable. MAMMUT’s silage grabs, cutting buckets and gripping buckets ensure careful removal from the silo. Systems that ensure a smooth cut surface and particularly gentle forage harvesting are, for example, the SILO CAT silage cutter and the SILO BUCKET cutter bucket. Thanks to the sophisticated design of the cutting bucket and many other details, both machines require only little operating pressure to cut out the silage block. The SILO GRIP silage grapple bucket is designed for high feed rates, large removal quantities and versatile everyday use: the solid top grapple makes it child’s play to remove a wide variety of forage types. High-quality construction and Hardox wear rails on the bottom of this bucket guarantee long-lasting use. As a supplement to a fodder mixer, these removal devices also fall under the agricultural investment subsidy under the subsidy rate of 20 % (exceptions possible regionally per federal state).

In many federal states, the new subsidy programme also includes fodder feeders such as the FEED MASTER. These are worm-shaped feed table scrapers which, due to their mode of operation, repeatedly refresh the presented ration and lead to an increased intake of basic feed. These units are available in three models: The compact FORTY for fine-grained forage, the FORTUNA, which is mounted on one side and equipped with a large drum, also for long-fibre material and larger quantities, and the FORTUNA SPEZIAL, which was specially designed for fresh grass clearing. All of them fall into the current subsidy category “indoor mechanisation” in many federal states – here, too, it is important to pay attention to the lower limit of eligible costs and to combine the purchase sensibly with other systems.

More about the devices from MAMMUT

We are here for your questions and concerns

Even though the district chamber of farmers is of course your first point of contact when it comes to subsidies, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to obtain information from us about the subsidy programme, especially in the area of feeding and silage technology. We will gladly take the time to answer your questions. If more detailed information is required during the discussion and we are not able to help you directly, we can also provide contact details and contacts at the respective chambers of agriculture in your federal state on request.

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