Wührer family

Dairy farm

Burgkirchen, Braunau am Inn district
Upper Austria (Austria)

Key data about the operation

  • At present: approx. 22 dairy cattle + calves & bullocks
  • 2021: Changed over to Rosé calf rearing
  • Mixes grass silage, corn silage, straw, hay and concentrated feed

MAMMUT devices

  • feed mixer PROFI MIX
    ‘PM 4.0 A’

A compact solution was called for!

Farmer Wolfgang Wührer from Burgkirchen (Braunau am Inn, Upper Austria) is committed to using the 4 m³ PROFI MIX (towed) from MAMMUT for the feeding of his 22 dairy cattle. In the near future, this dairy milk business is going to be changed over to calf-rearing – and here again, the compact feed mixer will have a big role to play.

The MAMMUT feed mixer greatly reduces our workload – previously, we used to distribute the round bales manually at the feed trough, costing time and - above all - physical effort. Above all, we appreciate the low height of the mixer, and its great cutting and mixing performance. We actually purchased this implement with a view to our planned changeover to Rosé calf rearing because precise and uniform feed delivery is perhaps even more important for that.

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