Winkler KG

Agricultural contractors

Fohnsdorf, Murtal district
Steiermark (Austria)

Key data about the operation

  • • Services: Agriculture, winter service, ploughing,
    sowing and maize, liquid manure,
    mowing, swath, silage making
  • Annual silage output:
    approx. 2,000 - 2,500 hectares

MAMMUT devices

  • 2 Silo Fox GIGANT –
    in use since 2005
  • 1 Silo Fox KOLOSS –
    in use since 2019
  • Silo Kompakt silage roller -
    in use since spring 2021

Distribution and compaction as an important work step

Franz Winkler in Fohnsdorf (Murtal district, Styria) offers his customers services in both arable farming and also on grassland. High and consistent feed quality is particularly important to him when making silage. There are now three MAMMUT silage distributors being operated on the farm – this combination is now being supplemented by the SILO KOMPAKT silo roller.

In addition to distributing feed in the silo, compaction is also an important step that should not be underestimated. The new silo roller from MAMMUT makes ensiling much easier for us, which is important if you want to be effective as a agricultural contractor.

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