Winkler KG

Agricultural contractors

Fohnsdorf, Murtal district
Steiermark (Austria)

Key data about the operation

  • Services: Agriculture, winter service, ploughing, sowing and maize, liquid manure, mowing, swath, silage making
  • Annual silage output: approx. 2,000 - 2,500 hectares

MAMMUT devices

  • 2 Silo Fox GIGANT – in use since 2005
  • 1 Silo Fox KOLOSS – in use since 2019
  • silage roller SILO KOMPAKT -
    in use since spring 2021

MAMMUT has already impressed several times

The Winkler KG agricultural contractor in Fohnsdorf (Styria) is already using its third MAMMUT silo distributor. The Winkler KG team has been working with its latest acquisition, the Silo Fox KOLOSS, since June 2019.

In our family business we offer services from seed to harvest. The quality and service of the equipment is very important, particularly for silage making - with an annual output of around 2,000 to 2,500 hectares of grass, the MAMMUT silo distributors do a reliable job.

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