Wallner family

Fruit farm and bullocks, direct marketing

Bad Gams, Deutschlandsberg district
Styria (Austria)

Key data about the operation

  • approx. 15 ha arable, 5 ha pasture, 7 ha fruit
  • Bullock farm
  • Direct marketing of fruit & meat
  • more information at www.obstbau-wallner.at

MAMMUT devices

  • feed mixer PROFI MIX
    "PM 2.5 SFB"

The optimum solution for our farm

The Wallner fruit farm near the Styrian town of Bad Gams has already made a name for itself in the region: With the farm’s own delicious produce, including fresh fruit, liqueurs, spirits or even home-made fruit chocolate, the Wallner family has a big selection of direct marketing products. As well as fruit growing, the farm also offers the finest of veal and beef. For his livestock, Martin Wallner mixes a uniform and high-quality ration of feed using the 2.5 m³ self-propelled PROFI MIX feed mixer from MAMMUT.

A decisive factor in the purchase of a self-propelled feed mixer was the great way it could be adjusted to suit the situation on the ground: with this small manoeuvrable mixer, feed can actually be distributed in our old building which saves time with daily feeding. With this home-made mix rotation, we want to ensure that our beef cattle only get the best of feed, and always at a consistent level of quality – that is important for the kind of tender beef and veal that we offer.

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