Van Dorrestijn agricultural contractor

Ijzendoorn (Netherlands)

Key data about the operation

  • Services: specialises in silage harvesting with loading trailers and feed harvesters

MAMMUT devices

  • rotary silage spreader

Important in agricultural contracting: Good ensiling performance

The Van Dorrestijn agricultural contractor from Holland specialises in silage production. With their loading trailer and feed harvester, a high distribution capacity is required in the silo due to the large unloading quantities – which is precisely why the Silo Twist CERES silage spreader was added to their silage making equipment in spring 2020. Van Dorrestijn was impressed by the good quality and distribution performance of the MAMMUT rotary distributor.

The Silo Twist CERES silage spreader is a good match for our tractor thanks to its robust design. What I like about the silage distributor is that the rotors have large gearboxes and overload protection devices and that the swath limiters are easy to operate.

Van Dorrestijn

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