Schörkhuber family

Dairy farm

Losenstein, Steyr Land district
Upper Austria (Austria)

Key data about the operation

  • approx. 20 dairy cows plus calves
  • Hillside location – at 750 m above sea level
  • 27 hectares of grassland
  • of which approx. 17 hectares as grass silage

MAMMUT devices

  • Silo Fox “SF 230 GIGANT” silo distributor
  • SILO KOMPAKT “SK 250 H” silo roller
  • SILO CUT “SC 195 H” silage shears
  • Tractor-drawn PROFI MIX 4 m³ feed mixer

An optimal addition in the silo

Farmer Martin Schörkhuber from Losenstein (Upper Austria) places great importance on homogeneous silage quality: “Silage making is a real challenge here because of the hillside location – so it’s important to me to get the best out of my feed. From the distribution in the bunker silo to the production of the appropriate total mixed ration in the barn – I can control the quality of the feed at the feeding table here. The right tools play a corresponding part in this. This is exactly why Schörkhuber also decided to further improve compaction in the bunker silo using the SILO KOMPAKT silage roller.

The thing that I like about the silo roller is its ease of use and the good combination with the silo distributor on the tractor. The compacted layers of feed are much firmer and more compact - you can tell when you drive on it with the tractor.

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