Pontus Persson

Dairy farm & bullocks

Brösarp, Skåne län

Key data about the operation

  • 500 dairy cows
  • 250 bulls
  • The ‘Månslundagården’ farm has six employees

MAMMUT devices

  • SILO CAT SC 240 H silo shears

We need technology that is robust and that gets the job done!

For the last 11 years, farmer Pontus Persson from Brösarp in Sweden has been running the ‘Månslundagården’ dairy cow & bullock farm on a joint basis with his wife. This farm has 500 dairy cows and 250 bullocks and Pontus is currently being assisted by six employees. It is important for his to have all feeding operations running seamlessly and to provide his livestock with an optimum supply of feed.

Since 2019, we have been working with the Mammut SILO CAT, which we use to cut 20 blocks a day. For us it was clear from Day One: We need to have a professional implement that runs reliably day after day. We are delighted with the new silo shears - and we really like the fact that we can now cut bigger and taller blocks, thanks to their opening height. All in all, the perfect technology for our farm.

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