Pieper-Gördes family

Dairy farm

Meschede, Hochsauerlandkreis
North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)

Key data about the operation

  • approx. 80 dairy cows plus own offspring
  • Total cultivated area approx. 126 ha: grassland, arable farming, forest, pastureland
  • pure family business
  • Feeding with feed mixer & silage grab bucket

MAMMUT devices

  • Silage grab bucket SILO GRIP
    "SG 220 Premium"

The feeding must work

When we visited the farm of the Pieper-Gördes family in Meschede, we got a great insight into their family farm in the beautiful Sauerland (North Rhine-Westphalia). Chris Pieper-Gördes is visibly proud of his 80-strong herd of Rotbunten dairy cows: the “ladies” produce an annual average of about 9,500 kg of milk per year. In addition to the dairy cows, the farm also raises its own female offspring. With the SILO GRIP silage grab bucket from MAMMUT, Chris loads the trailed feed mixer wagon with a wide variety of components, from grass silage and maize silage to brewer’s grains or concentrated feed. Sometimes the silage grab bucket is even used for bedding, the enthusiastic farmer tells us.

Before switching to the wheel loader and silage grab bucket, the feed mixer was loaded with a shear grab in the rear of the tractor and a separate bucket - this was cumbersome and cost a lot of time. With the silage grab bucket from MAMMUT, everything now runs quickly and smoothly, as I can do many different jobs with just one implement. I also really like the quality and workmanship of the silage grab bucket - I attach great importance to durable technology.

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