Martijn Kusters

Dairy farm


Key data about the operation

  • 230 dairy cows and offspring
  • Feeding with shear bucket and feed mixer

MAMMUT devices

  • Shear bucket SILO BUCKET „SB 240 H“

A robust construction for daily feeding

In the generation farm of the Kusters family, an efficient and smooth feeding process of a total of 230 dairy cows and offspring is crucial. Previous removal techniques deteriorated the feed quality and could not withstand the daily work pressure. From the use of the MAMMUT shear bucket SILO BUCKET onwards, a considerable reduction in workload became noticeable. In addition, the cutting bucket ensures an exact cut in the silo, a clean transport of maize silage and thus an improvement of the forage quality. The robust construction and associated durability of the silo cutting bucket is also particularly convincing.

All other removal devices before could hardly keep up in the daily feeding work. We needed a durable and strong implement to carry out our daily feeding. After investing in the MAMMUT shear bucket SILO BUCKET we started to see success. Thanks to the robust construction and a sharp cutting edge, we are not only able to feed our animals in the best possible way, but also ensure the best fodder quality without undesired secondary fermentation. Buying a silage cutter bucket from MAMMUT was the best decision.

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