Leidig GbR - Jens Leidig

Dairy farm and biogas

Burgbernheim, Bavaria

Key data about the operation

  • 192 dairy cows plus offspring
  • Biogas plant 360 kW
  • Land management approx. 260 hectares

MAMMUT devices

  • shear bucket SILO BUCKET „SB 240 H“

We need reliable technology

The Leidig family’s dairy farm in Burgbernheim has a total of 192 dairy cows plus their offspring and a 360 kW biogas plant. A total of around 260 hectares are farmed. Jens and Bernd Leidig know what is important when removing silage and decided in favour of the MAMMUT shear bucket because they needed reliable technology. The bucket is used to cut around 20 tonnes from the silo every day to prepare the mixed ration. In addition to the robust design, Jens Leidig likes the fact that the SILO BUCKET leaves a straight cutting pattern in the silo and keeps the entire yard nice and clean.

We recently built new mobile silos that are about 80 metres further away. With the MAMMUT shear bucket, we save one journey every day thanks to the larger volume, which is a lot of time and therefore pure money. What's nice about the shovel is the large main bearing - this point can easily withstand the loads. What's more, the cutting bucket keeps the whole yard clean!

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