Königseder Günther

Excavation company

Upper Austria

Key data about the operation

  • Earthworks, horticulture, transport and demolition

MAMMUT devices

  • TM 125 E concrete mixer
  • TM 95 E concrete mixer

The perfect helper on the construction site

The Königseder excavation company in Sigharting, district of Schärding, already uses two MAMMUT units for concrete mixing – both mixers are electrically operated and are constantly used on various construction sites. The 6-member Königseder team is particularly successful in gardening and landscaping.

We have been using the larger of the two MAMMUT concrete mixers, the TM 125 E, for a long time. The unit is also ideal for larger quantities and would be indispensable in our machine fleet. Recently, we also decided to purchase the TM 95 E because it can be used to make compact mixtures, especially in horticulture. The two compulsory mixers complement each other ideally and fit in well with our flexible business.

Daniel Königseder

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