Johannes Pöllitzer

Dairy farm

Lasaberg, district of Tamsweg
Salzburg (Austria)

Key data about the operation

  • approx. 16 dairy cows + own offspring
  • Mountain farm at 1200 m above sea level
  • works with the semi-automatic mixing station by MAMMUT
  • grass silage, hay and concentrated feed are mixed

MAMMUT devices

  • Feed mixer PROFI MIX
    „PM 4.0 ST“
  • Distribution wagon DISTRIBUTOR
    „D 1.5 SF electric cable"
  • Shear grab SILO CAT
  • Silage spreader SILO FOX

Facilitate the daily work routine

…that was also the idea of Johannes Pöllitzer from Tamsweg when he expanded his feeding technology with the stationary 4 m³ mixer and the 1.5 m³ distribution wagon from MAMMUT. Johannes runs his dairy farm with 16 dairy cows and his own offspring as a sideline. In the past, daily feeding was a real feat of strength – the silo blocks were placed directly on the feeding table and distributed with a fork.

Since using the two MAMMUT feed mixers, the working day is much more pleasant," Johannes tells us. In addition to making work easier, he has also seen a better intake of basic feed by his cows, and the barn remains completely emission-free thanks to the electric drive.

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