Hochrainer family

Dairy farm

Frankenburg, Vöcklabruck district
Upper Austria (Austria)

Key data about the operation

  • approx. 50 dairy cattle
  • An approx. total of 110 cattle (including calves)
  • Successful Simmental cattle-breeding farm

MAMMUT devices

  • FORTUNA Feed Master feed refresher
  • Silo Twist CERES silage distributor

Simplification for daily animal shed work

The Simmental cattle-breeding farm run by the Hochrainer family in the lovely Frankenburg region (Vöcklabruck district, Upper Austria) comprises a total of approx. 110 cattle – of which 50 are dairy cattle. All of the female calves are reared on the farm. When feeding his livestock, it is important to farmer Christian Hochrainer that his animals are always presented with tasty feed – and that is precisely why he decided in favour of the FORTUNA feed refresher.

An automatic system for feed preparation is not an option for us because our feed trough is too narrow for that. However, since we nonetheless wish to lighten our workload in relation to pushing through the feed, the MAMMUT feed refresher is the perfect complement for our byre. I refresh the feed about four times a day with the unit rear-mounted on my tractor. When I do so, I can tell that the feed already selected is loosened up, and the cows immediately reappear at the feed trough.

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