Hendrik Kuiper

Dairy farm & biogas plant

Easterein, Friesia

Key data about the operation

  • An approx. total of 600 cattle
  • including 450 dairy cows
  • Farm has its own biogas plant

MAMMUT devices

  • SILO CAT silo shears SC 220 H
    in service since 2017

I cannot afford any equipment failures when I’m feeding my livestock.

Farmer Hendrik Kuiper lives with his family in the beautiful region of Friesia – in the North of Holland. Every day, 600 animals are fed using the Mammut silo shears – silage quality is a high-priority consideration there. In addition to its dairy cattle operation, Hendrik Kuiper also operates his own biogas system on the farm that is loaded with round bales. The SILO CAT is used on his farm in the mobile silo and also for spreading the round bales.

On my farm, the topic of livestock feeding occupies a central role – to achieve good milk yields, all factors have to come together. Which includes feed extraction technology that protects the feed and does not waste any of it. I cannot afford to have problems or breakdowns here – after all, we feed no fewer than 600 animals here, and we also operate our own biogas plant here on the farm. What impressed me about the Mammut silo shears is how little effort you need for cutting. Also, this is dependable technology that you really can rely upon.

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