Helminger family

Dairy farm

Handenberg, Braunau am Inn district
Upper Austria (Austria)

Key data about the operation

  • approx. 70 dairy cows
  • cattle breeding
  • modern farm with milking robots and self-propelled E-feed mixer

MAMMUT devices

  • SILO GRIP silo gripper bucket ‘SG 160 Smart’

The extraction technology is important for the sequence involved in feeding livestock

The Helminger family from Upper Austria run a modern dairy cattle farm with about 70 dairy cows that enjoy freedom to move around in their bright and well-ventilated shed. The milking robot is an everyday feature in their family life – as is a self-propelled electrically powered feed mixer, a recent addition to the daily livestock feeding operation for Thomas Helminger. In order to load the mixer carriage simply and quickly with the individual feed components, a well thought out solution for daily silo extraction was needed.

Since the new feed mixer has been in operation at this farm, I have examined the whole topic of feeding livestock in detail – which of course also includes good extraction technology. That prompted me to purchase the MAMMUT silo gripper bucket because it enables me to remove and transport corn silage or hop silage cleanly. Also, I can use the gripper bucket for mucking out the calf shed and it can handle a large volume of straw. I use this device on the front loader and also on the telehandler. In overall terms, this solution is a perfect match for the needs of our farm.

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