Haselgruber family

Organic pasture milk farm

Lengau, Braunau am Inn district
Upper Austria (Austria)

Key data about the operation

  • approx. 28 dairy cattle and 19 calves
  • Fresh grass feed in summer, hay in winter
  • Organic pasture milk farm

MAMMUT devices

  • FORTUNA SPECIAL Feed Master feed refresher

The ideal solution for pushing through green fodder

The organic pasture milk dairy farm owned by the Haselgruber family from Lengau (Upper Austria) has 28 dairy cattle as well as 19 calves. Throughout the summer, the livestock are fed with fresh grass, and in winter with hay. For some time, Thomas Haselgruber has been committed to his FORTUNA SPECIAL with which he can bring freshly mown grass to the feed frame after delivery to the feed trough.

Since using the feed refresher, I have noticed that my animals are consuming a greater quantity of forage – that is because the mown feed is constantly in reach of the cattle and is being repeatedly loosened. But above all, I have noticed how quick and easy the work is: this device really does relieve my physical workload.

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