Gruber family

Dairy farm

St. Georgen am Walde, Perg district
Upper Austria (Austria)

Key data about the operation

  • approx. 80 dairy cows
  • fully automatic feeding of livestock, milking robots, automatic manure removal

MAMMUT devices

  • SILO BUCKET silo cutting bucket ‘SB 170 M’ with hydraulic pusher

Perfect complement to our fully automatic livestock feeding system

On the Gruber family farm in St. Georgen am Walde in its lovely Mühl district, the 80 or so cattle can not only enjoy the wonderful view but also the finest of feed quality. Josef Gruber and his son Markus place great value on having accurate cutting action and cleanliness in their sandwich silo which is why they use the MAMMUT silo cutting bucket with hydraulic pusher for loading their feed kitchen. The other operations are all fully automated which makes this farm a real showcase business.

Animal welfare and feed quality have always been priority matters on our farm. In our new animal shed, we decided in favour of a fully automated livestock feeding system – which of course meant that we also needed an appropriate solution for silo extraction. With the MAMMUT cutting bucket, including hydraulic pusher, we can place compact and intact silo blocks in the feed kitchen. The low-impact operation of this device keeps feed firm, also protecting it from heating up at higher ambient temperatures.

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