Gramlinger family

Dairy farm

Vöcklamarkt, Vöcklabruck district
Upper Austria (Austria)

Key data about the operation

  • approx. 80 dairy cows
  • a total of approx. 110 cattle including calves
  • approx. 50 hectares of grass silage (5x per year)
  • approx. 15 ha maize silage

MAMMUT devices

  • ST 290 DONAR rotary silo distributor DONAR
  • FORTUNA feed refresher

Focus on the subject of feeding

The quality of feed and feeding in general play a major part on the Gramlinger family farm in Vöcklamarkt. A total of 110 cattle (including approx. 80 dairy cows) get their total mixed ration from a self-propelled feed mixer – so that only the best actually goes into the feed mixer, Alois Gramlinger ensures that things run smoothly during the feed harvest, and that the feed is evenly distributed in the bunker silo.

We have now been working with the DONAR rotary distributor for three years, and make silage from approx. 54 hectares of grass and maize silage 5 times a year. What I like about the distributor is the homogeneous and fast distribution across the width. This means that I can distribute the unloaded feed quickly and easily throughout the entire bunker silo in just a few passes.

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