Schmidbauer family

Dairy farm

Lohnsburg, Ried im Innkreis district
Upper Austria (Austria)

Key data about the operation

  • 115 dairy cows
  • A total of 375 cattle
  • 3,000 m³ of silage maize annually
  • and 3,200 m³ of grass silage

MAMMUT devices

  • silage distributor SILO FOX
    "SF 230 GIGANT"
  • shear bucket SILO BUCKET
    "SB 220 H"
  • front loader LONG LIFE

Silage quality starts with the right distribution.

Farmer Johann Schmidbauer from Lohnsburg (Upper Austria) is convinced of this. The Schmidbauer family uses a Silo Fox GIGANT. The farm has a total of 375 cattle including offspring, including 115 dairy cows. Every year around 3,000 m³ of silage maize and around 3,200 m³ of grass silage are distributed and compacted in the bunker silos.

Good basic feed is important for the health of my cows – because consistent silage quality is the basis for high milk yields. With the silage distributor from MAMMUT, I distribute the feed evenly in the bunker silo during silage making; the device would certainly be indispensable for silage work.

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