„Ederhof“ Familie Eder

Holiday farm: “Holiday on a farm”

Schöllnach, Deggendorf county
Bavaria (Germany)

Key data about the operation

  • approx. 70 dairy cows
  • a total of approx. 200 cattle including calves
  • Silage: approx. 40 hectares of grass (5 times a year) and approx. 17 hectares of maize
  • mehr Infos unter www.urlaub-ederhof.de

MAMMUT devices

  • SILO BUCKET silo cutting shovel
  • SILO FOX silo distributor
  • SILO KOMPAKT silage roller – in use since spring 2021

Farming is more than just a job

The Eder family’s farm experience is located outside the village of Schöllnach – in the beautiful Bavarian forest (Deggendorf county, Germany). Holidays for the entire family have been offered at “Ederhof” for over 40 years. Around 70 dairy cows as well as calves and bulls are kept on the farm (approx. 200 cattle in total) and optimum use is made of the farm’s own feed resources to look after the animals. When they are harvesting silage, farmer Alfons Eder and his son Stefan ensure that the silage is evenly distributed and compacted in the bunker silo in order to get the best out of their own feed.

For me, farming is more than just a job. Our animals are the most important part of the farm, which is why it is important to me that they only get the best feed. With the MAMMUT silo roller, both grass and maize are evenly compacted – the device is of considerable help during the feed harvest.

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