Bunge Agrar - Lars Bunge

Dairy farm and biogas

Stemwede, North-Rhine Westphalia

Key data about the operation

  • approx. 190 dairy cows
  • a total of approx. 350 cattle including calves
  • successful Holstein cattle breeding farm

MAMMUT devices

  • SILO BUCKET ‘SB 240 M’ silo cutting bucket

Top-quality silage as a success factor

Farmer Lars Bunge from Stemwede in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, currently feeds a total of 350 cattle including calves – including approx. 190 dairy cows. As a successful Holstein breeding farm, the Bunge family places great importance on the quality of feed and this has prompted them to devise their own distinctive livestock feeding concept, right down to the last detail. In addition to its dairy cattle operation, the Bunge family also operates its own biogas system on the farm.

What impressed me most about this device was the extremely clean cutting surface – which really preserves the feed well. Top-quality feed is very important to us, and proper silo extraction is of course an important part of that. What I also like is that I can also use the bucket for other feed components, and the closed bottom keeps the farmyard and the silo plate nice and clean.

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