Aichinger family

Dairy farm

Zipf, Vöcklabruck district
Upper Austria (Austria)

Key data about the operation

  • approx. 30 dairy cattle
  • works with the semi-automatic MAMMUT mixing station
  • Mixing hay, straw, grass and corn silage, concentrated feed

MAMMUT devices

  • feed mixer PROFI MIX
    ‘PM 4.0 ST’
  • distribution wagon DISTRIBUTOR
    ‘D 1.5 SFB’

Our own mix rotation despite low headroom

It is important to the Aichinger family from Zipf in Upper Austria to be able to feed its livestock in a manner that genuinely suits their animals best. At the same time, daily animal shed work should be simplified and workplace convenience should be enhanced. To enable mechanical feed presentation to work in their low animal shed, the Aichinger’s dairy farm extended its range equipment to include a stationary feed mixer in combination with the DISTRIBUTOR distribution trolley.

Our farm is currently home to 30 dairy cattle. Before using the MAMMUT feed mixing system, we used to feed our animals manually because we could not drive in with our tractor – so the job was time-consuming and hard work. In addition to TMR, we mostly mix in hay, straw, grass and corn silage as well as concentrated feed. With the compact distribution trolley, we dispense with the laborious task of manual distribution – and our own mix rotation has also improved all aspects of the feeding behaviour of our cows.

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