Abe Reitsma and Jenne Deelstra

two neighbouring dairy farms


Key data about the operation

  • both have about 300 dairy cows
  • feeding livestock with cutting bucket and feed mixer

MAMMUT devices

  • Abe Reitsma: SILO BUCKET ‘SB 240 H’
  • Jenne Deelstra: SILO BUCKET ‘SB 240 XL’

MAMMUT twin-pack

These two farmers, Abe Reitsma and Jenne Deelstra, run two neighbouring dairy farms in the beautiful Frisia region (Holland). On a daily basis, each of these two farms feeds about 300 dairy cows and each uses a SILO BUCKET to remove feed from the silo – Jenne Deelstra explains to us why he decided in favour of the MAMMUT cutting bucket:

My neighbour, Abe Reitsma, has now been working for over a year with the MAMMUT silo cutting bucket and he is delighted with the quality and the quick and easy operation of that machine. On the basis of his recommendation, I recently decided to acquire the SB 240 XL. With its large volume of 3.13 m³, this is exactly the right device for my farm, and I also like the fact that I now only need one tool for filling the feed mixer.

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