MAMMUT silage rollers – the rigid models

Well thought-out technology for maximum feed quality

The rigid models of the SILO KOMPAKT silo roller are available in 2.00, 2.50 and 3.00 m working widths. The wide range of models, the solid frame and the individually adjustable overall weight provide a wide range of possible uses for operations of any size.

Rigid frame

Roller diameter = 940 mm

2.00 m, 2.50 m or 3.00 m wide

Individually adjustable overall weight

SILO KOMPAKT standard equipment – rigid models
Rigid frame
Three-point attachment cat. 2, cat. 3 and cat. 4
Roller and frame can be filled with water
Headstock can be filled with water, sand or gravel
Lateral rollers to protect roller and silo wall
Mechanical towing hook

Technical data

SK 200 STSK 250 STSK 300 ST
Width2.000 mm2.500 mm3.000 mm
Overall roller diameter940 mm940 mm940 mm
Number of discs101214
Basic weightapprox. 1.310 kgapprox. 1.530 kgapprox. 1.710 kg
Additional weight by water filling
(standard equipment)
approx. 500 kgapprox. 600 kgapprox. 700 kg
Maximum weight
(only reachably with extra equipment)
approx. 2,850 kgapprox. 3,170 kgapprox. 3,450 kg
AttachmentThree-point cat. 2, cat. 3 and cat. 4Three-point cat. 2, cat. 3 and cat. 4Three-point cat. 2, cat. 3 and cat. 4


Useful option for silos without walls: Silage edge compactor

Particularly when compacting free-standing silo heaps without walls, the challenge is to build up the edges firmly and evenly and to secure them without the risk of the roller tractor tipping over. The MAMMUT side edge compactor, which is available as an accessory, is the ideal assistant here. This option can be mounted either on one side (left or right) or, from type SK 250 ST, even on both sides. A dual-acting control unit at each side of the tractor is required to control the silage edge compactor. The electrical control system, which is also available as an accessory, provides help if the tractor does not have enough dual-acting control options.

Other models:


250 to 300 cm roller width
Hydraulically adjustable frame