Silage rollers

Silage rollers SILO KOMPAKT

Silage rollers for the best compaction performance in the bunker silo

Powerful feed harvesters are filling large loading and push-off wagons at ever-increasing speed. The logistics chain is therefore becoming increasingly time-critical. In order to ensure that careful compaction takes place, suitable tools must be used for silage compaction. The MAMMUT SILO KOMPAKT silage rollers provide rapid compaction of the distributed feed with an optimal depth effect. This not only increases the efficiency in the harvest chain, but also ensures the quality of the feed and the associated economic success.

Uniform compaction

With the MAMMUT silage roller, it is ensured that the amount of feed brought in is ideally compacted right up to the edges in just a few passes. The well thought-out design of the discs results in a high point load and therefore homogeneous compaction down to the lower area of the distributed feed layer.

Less loss of feed

The SILO KOMPAKT silage roller guarantees the best compaction performance thanks to its optimal depth effect. This evective silo compaction for both grass and maize silage prevents incorrect fermentation and avoids feed losses.

Higher efficiency and safety

Many factors play a role in ensuring that the harvest chain runs smoothly. The MAMMUT silo roller increases efficiency in the bunker silo by quickly compressing the delivered feed. Thanks to the tightly compacted feed layers, the tractor and the loader wagon can also drive up safely, and the risk of tipping is minimised.

Your benefits at a glance:

The best feed quality is already ensured in the bunker silo

The following applies in the harvest chain: pay equal attention to all steps in feed production. Conscientious adjustment of the mower, the tedder and the rake is of little use if consistent loading for a clean fermentation process in the bunker silo is neglected.

In addition to the correct degree of wilting of the feed substance and many other factors in the feed harvest, the distribution and rolling technology should also fulfil the requirements of the bunker silo. Particularly the compaction process plays an important part after even distribution in the silo: The better the individual layers are compacted, the fewer air inclusions can form and the lower the risk of incorrect fermentation or mould. Efficient rolling technology provides ideal conditions for optimal lactic acid fermentation and significantly increases the palatability of the basic feed. Intensive compaction also promotes stability during fermentation with maize silage.

With the SILO KOMPAKT silage roller, MAMMUT is providing maximum compaction and efficiency in the silo. Rigid and hydraulically adjustable models with a width of 2 m, 2.50 m and 3 m guarantee a wide range of possible uses and perfect adaptation to any farm.



200 to 300 cm roller width
Rigid frame


250 to 300 cm roller width
Hydraulically adjustable frame

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