The compact and universal gripper bucket for small carrier vehicles

On the SMART Silo Grip, particular attention was paid to keeping the weight low. Which means that this technology creates a good match with its area of application, also on farmyard loaders, compact loaders and small front loaders. When opened, the top gripper of this Type does not protrude above the bottom of the bucket – which means that silage can be removed fully, right up to the back wall of the silo. The SMART Silo Grip is available in various widths from 1.60 m to 2.00 m and it covers a range of bucket volumes, extending from 0.85 m³ to 1.05 m³.

Lightweight but rugged design

Ideal for smaller carrier vehicles

Ingenious design of top gripper

Widths of 1.60 m to 2 m

Standard equipment for the SMART Silo Grip
Rugged top gripper
Two hydraulic cylinders, Ø 80 mm
Closed bucket bottom including Hardox scraper strips
Hydraulic hoses and couplings
Basic equipment without any attachments
Maximum operating pressure 210 bar

Clever design – the gripper does not protrude above the bucket bottom.

Technical data

SG 160 SSG 180 SSG 200 S
Bucket width1,60 m1,80 m2,00 m
Net weight490 kg530 kg570 kg
Volume0,85 m³0,95 m³1,05 m³
Cylinder Ø80 mm80 mm80 mm
Number of cylinders222
Mounting points222


Large selection of attachments

There is a huge variety of bolted attachments for front loaders or farmyard loaders for the SMART Silo Grip silage grab bucket. Due to its many years in the silo extraction technology field, MAMMUT can offer a selection comprising a large number of attachment variants – which makes it convenient to adapt the device to any given carrier vehicle. Without any great investment in terms of cost and time, bolted universal perforated plates make it possible to attach the gripper bucket to other vehicles with different attachment dimensions. This also prevents you from incurring any additional costs at a later date.

Other models:


For wheel loaders and telehandlers
180 to 260 cm bucket width