The gripper bucket for professional use and for big carrier vehicles

The PREMIUM Silo Grip is the professional device among silage grab buckets. Its rugged design enables it to transport any kind of silage and other materials without any problem. At widths of between 1.80 m and 2.60 m, the PREMIUM version is the ideal tool for large quantities of feed and for a versatile range of agricultural operations. From Type SG 220 P, the torsionally resistant top gripper is also equipped with a central mounting for greater stability.

The absolute professional model

Ideal for big wheel loaders and telehandlers

From a width of 2.20 m with additional centre mounting

Widths of 1.80 m to 2.60 m

PREMIUM Silo Grip standard equipment
Rugged top gripper
Two or three hydraulic cylinders (depending on Type) Ø 100 mm
Closed bucket bottom including Hardox scraper strips
Hydraulic hoses and couplings
Basic equipment without any attachments
Maximum operating pressure 210 bar

From Type SG 220 P the gripper is equipped with an additional mounting point.

Technical data

SG 180 PSG 200 PSG 220 PSG 240 PSG 260 P
Bucket width1,80 m2,00 m2,20 m2,40 m2,60 m
Net weight660 kg760 kg850 kg940 kg1.050 kg
Volume1,05 m³1,15 m³1,25 m³1,35 m³1,45 m³
Cylinder Ø100 mm100 mm100 mm100 mm100 mm
Number of cylinders22222
Mounting points22333


Large selection of attachments

The bolted attachment plates provide a versatile range of attachment options for front loaders or farmyard loaders for the PREMIUM Silo Grip silage grab bucket. Right across the board, MAMMUT offers a choice of different attachment variants – which makes it convenient to adapt the device to any given carrier vehicle. With the additional bolted universal perforated plates make it possible to attach the gripper bucket to other vehicles with different attachment dimensions in a quick and easy operation. In practice, this not only enhances convenience, it also saves time and therefore money as well.

Other models:

Silo Grip SMART

For front loaders and farmyard loaders
160 to 200 cm bucket width