Silage grab bucket

Silage grab bucket  SILO GRIP

Versatile and effective with large volumes of silage

The SILO GRIP silage grab bucket is not just a convenient solution for silage removal. Instead, it is also an ideal universal device for a range of different jobs around the farm. When high feed performance is required, this grab bucket delivers outstanding efficiency and ease of operation. With its rugged shape, this silage grab bucket can be used for a huge variety of different loading operations, making it a versatile device, one that quickly becomes an indispensable aid to everyday working life. With the Silo Grip SMART and Silo Grip PREMIUM series and a total of eight different models, MAMMUT offers a wide range of choice, enabling it to provide the perfect solution to any requirement.

For high levels of feed performance

The MAMMUT grab bucket makes it quick and easy to remove large amounts of silage. Especially on farms that need to extract high volumes, the SILO GRIP is a popular choice.

Cost-effective solution

This technology involves low levels of wear and has a simple design, making the SILO GRIP a cost-effective solution for silo extraction. The rugged design assures minimum maintenance cost.

Universal use

With its large opening angle, SILO GRIP is also a popular choice with loose materials such as straw and bulk materials. However, the silage grab bucket is also good at tackling work with timber.

Your benefits at a glance:

Efficient technology for large quantities of silage

Powerful and rugged technology is especially important on farms where the mobile silo is required to deliver high feed performance. Ensuring that livestock can be supplied with feed within the shortest possible time. The SILO GRIP silage grab bucket is ideally suited to the high-volume transporting of silage – this powerful top gripper picks up a lot of material and holds it reliably in the facer bucket, meaning that the feed mixer can be loaded quickly and easily in just a few operating steps.


Silo Grip SMART

For front loaders and farmyard loaders
160 to 200 cm bucket width


For wheel loaders and telehandlers
180 to 260 cm bucket width

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Stories - Customer references

Silage grab bucket SILO GRIP
"SG 220 Premium"
Pieper-Gördes family
Meschede, Hochsauerlandkreis
North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)
SILO GRIP ‘SG 160 Smart’ silo gripper bucket
PROFI MIX ‘PM 2.5 SF electrical battery’ feed mixer
Bauer family
Anzing, Ebersberg district
Bavaria (Germany)
SILO GRIP silo gripper bucket ‘SG 160 Smart’
Helminger family
Handenberg, Braunau am Inn district
Upper Austria (Austria)

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