The mid-sized design for rear mounting, large front loaders or wheeled loaders

The SILO CAT Type M is the mid-sized series of MAMMUT shear grabs and is therefore a universal device that can be rear-mounted on any tractor, front loader or on wheeled loaders and telehandlers. With a block height of 80 cm, depending on model width, you can achieve extraction volumes of 1.05 to 1.51 m³.

Compact design

Perfect for front loaders or small to medium-sized wheeled loaders

Block height of approx. 80 cm

from volumes of 1.05 to 1.51 m³

Standard equipment for the Silo Cat M
Robust cutting bucket with welded Hardox knife cutter
Two hydraulic cylinders, Ø 110 mm
Tines made of high-quality spring steel
Powder-coated carrier frame
Hydraulic hoses and couplings
Basic equipment without any attachments
Maximum operating pressure 210 bar

Technical data

SC 170 MSC 195 MSC 220 MSC 240 M
Block width1,69 m1,94 m2,19 m2,41 m
Block height0,80 m0,80 m0,80 m0,80 m
Block depth0,78 m0,78 m0,78 m0,78 m
Fill volume1,05 m³1,21 m³1,36 m³1,51 m³
Cylinders Ø (2 pieces)110 mm110 mm110 mm110 mm
Net weight655 kg730 kg805 kg880 kg
Number of tines14161820


Universal attachment options on several carrier vehicles

With the SILO CAT model, a tremendously wide range of attachment options is available for rear mounting on tractors (with and without lifting equipment), and for front-loaders, farmyard loaders, wheeled loaders and telehandlers. This means greater convenience, because it is no longer necessary to perform time-consuming adjustment of the silage shear to the individual carrier vehicle. All attachments are screwed and are easy to replace, with no welding required. This also makes it very simple to continue using the SILO CAT, even when switching to a different carrier vehicle.

Other models:

Silo Cat N

70 cm block height
Volumes of 0.48 m³ to 0.92 m³

Silo Cat H

110 cm block height
Volumes of 1.48 m³ to 2.12 m³

Silo Cat XL

130 cm block height
Volumes of 2.52 m³ to 3.62 m³