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Shear grab SILO CAT

Professional silage extraction technology assures feed quality

From mowing to the loading of feed into bunker silo – many important factors need to be taken into account to achieve optimum feed quality. However, it is not only the silage making process that is essential for high-quality feed – the ongoing extraction of silage also has an influence on the daily quality of feed. The aim here is to use an appropriate technique to keep the cut surface clean and accurate, preventing the ingress of air and the development of yeast and fungal mould. With the SILO CAT shear grab from MAMMUT, you can be assured of a precise cut during extraction from the silo, and the silo contents remain firm and unimpaired. These shear grab is perfectly suited to grass silage. From Type H, they also enable round bales to be divided up effortlessly.

Avoid reheating

Above all at high temperatures or with smaller extraction quantities, there is often the danger of air ingress in the silo tower. With SILO CAT shear grab, the cut surface remains smooth and the silage maintains its anaerobic stability.

Protective technology

The less effort required to cut out the feed, the less impact the extraction process has on the silo tower and carrier vehicle. With its unique design, the MAMMUT shear grab defines new standards in relation to ease of operation.

Also suitable for round bales

From Type H (opening height: 1.10 m), the shear grab can also split up round bales. This saves time and makes the livestock feeding operation easier because there is no need to swap over the tool attachments.

Your benefits at a glance:

Basic feed quality is the key to reliable performance combined with optimum livestock well-being

To produce high-quality basic feed, all of the steps in the feed production process are important. When loading into the mobile silo, uniform spreading and precise compaction are important. Livestock only enjoys eating tasty feed of an appropriate level of quality so it is advisable to avoid accidental fermentation. Having the correct extraction technology is of decisive importance to maintaining silage quality after opening up the silo. Here, the use of the wrong technology often causes the accidental ingress of air which causes the formation of yeast & fungal moulds. This causes the silage to reheat which in turn causes losses in the quantity of feed. Through smooth and accurate cutting at the silo, oxygen cannot enter and this prevents accidental fermentation.

Costs at a glance

Usually, an attempt is made to compensate for feed losses caused by refermentation by adding larger quantities of feed – but in the long-term, this constitutes a huge cost factor for a farm, and also affects the ration measured out for each animal. The design of SILO CAT shear grabs constitutes an economical and efficient solution in silage extraction technology – preventing feed losses while also maintaining feed quality and related performance levels.

The ingress of air into a loosened up surface in the silo tower can also make it easy for aerobic organisms such as mould fungi or bacteria to propagate.

With the SILO CAT, it is easy to achieve an accurate, smooth cut in the silo which prevents accidental fermentation and feed losses.

SILO CAT types

Silo Cat N

70 cm block height
Volumes of 0.48 m³ to 0.92 m³

Silo Cat M

80 cm block height
Volumes of 1.05 m³ to 1.51 m³

Silo Cat H

110 cm block height
Volumes of 1.48 m³ to 2.12 m³

Silo Cat XL

130 cm block height
Volumes of 2.52 m³ to 3,62 m³

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Pontus Persson
Brösarp, Skåne län
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SILO FOX SF 215 Classic silo spreader
Gerald Kettl
Mehrnbach, Ried i.I. district
Upper Austria (Austria)
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in service since 2017
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Easterein, Friesia

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