MAMMUT Silo Bucket XL

Professional technology for big wheel loaders and high volumes of silage

This SILO BUCKET is the biggest type of silo cutting bucket. This series also facilitates powerful but also precise extraction of enormous volumes of silage from large carrier vehicles. With an opening height of 1.30 m and a block volume of up to 3.62 m³ this range of models is ideally suited for use on big farms. Splitting round bales is also an effortless task using the SILO BUCKET XL.

Also suitable for round bales

Ideal for big wheel loaders or for rear-mounting

Block height of approx. 130 cm

Volumes of 2.52 m³ to 3.62 m³

Standard equipment for the Silo Bucket XL
Robust cutting bucket with welded Hardox cutter
Four hydraulic cylinders, Ø 100 mm
Closed bucket bottom including Hardox scraper strips
Powder-coated carrier frame
Hydraulic hoses and couplings
Basic equipment without any attachments
Maximum operating pressure 210 bar

Technical data

SB 195 XLSB 220 XLSB 240 XLSB 270 XL
Block width1,94 m2,19 m2,41 m2,69 m
Block height1,30 m1,30 m1,30 m1,30 m
Block depth1,00 m1,00 m1,00 m1,00 m
Fill volume2,52 m³2,84 m³3,13 m³3,62 m³
Cylinders Ø (4 pieces)100 mm100 mm100 mm100 mm
Net weight1.600 kg1.680 kg1.760 kg2.030 kg


Flexible vehicle attachment options

Even with the largest model in the SILO BUCKET series, it is possible to attach it to a very wide range of different front loaders, farmyard loaders, wheel loaders and telehandlers. The attachment plates are bolted and are easy to replace or adjust without the need for welding – which means that the SILO BUCKET can also simply continue to be used when switching to a different carrier vehicle. This means greater convenience because it is no longer necessary to perform time-consuming adjustment of the shear bucket to the individual carrier vehicle.

Other models:

Silo Bucket N

70 cm block height
Volumes of 0.64 m³ to 0,.92 m³

Silo Bucket M

80 cm block height
Volumes of 1.05 m³ to 1.51 m³

Silo Bucket H

110 cm block height
Volumes of 1.48 m³ to 2.12 m³