MAMMUT Silo Bucket M

Medium height – ideal for big front loaders, telescopic or wheel loaders

The Type M SILO BUCKET is a medium-sized unit in the MAMMUT range of shear buckets and is a universal device that can be used on larger loaders. With a block height of 80 cm, depending on model width, you can achieve extraction volumes of 1.05 to 1.51 m³.

Popular all-rounder model

Perfect for front loaders, telehandlers or small to medium-sized wheel loaders

Block height of approx. 80 cm

Volumes of 1.05 m³ to 1.51 m³

Standard equipment for the Silo Bucket M
Robust cutting bucket with welded Hardox cutter
Two hydraulic cylinders, Ø 110 mm
Closed bucket bottom including Hardox scraper strips
Powder-coated carrier frame
Hydraulic hoses and couplings
Basic equipment without any attachments
Maximum operating pressure 210 bar

Technical data

SB 170 MSB 195 MSB 220 MSB 240 M
Block width1,69 m1,94 m2,19 m2,41 m
Block height0,80 m0,80 m0,80 m0,80 m
Block depth0,78 m0,78 m0,78 m0,78 m
Fill volume1,05 m³1,21 m³1,36 m³1,51 m³
Cylinders Ø (2 pieces)110 mm110 mm110 mm110 mm
Net weight750 kg830 kg910 kg990 kg


A variety of attachment solutions for every carrier vehicle

With the SILO BUCKET, a very wide range of attachment variants are available for front-loaders, wheel loaders and telescopic handlers. This means greater convenience because it is no longer necessary to perform time-consuming adjustment of the shear bucket to suit a given carrier vehicle. All the attachment fixtures are bolted and are easy to replace without the need for welding – which means that the SILO BUCKET can also simply continue to be used when switching to a different carrier vehicle.

Other models:

Silo Bucket N

70 cm block height
Volumes of 0.64 m³ to 0.92  m³

Silo Bucket H

110 cm block height
Volumes of 1.48 m³ to 2.12 m³

Silo Bucket XL

130 cm block height
Volumes of 2.52 m³ to 3.62 m³