Shear bucket

Shear bucket  SILO BUCKET

Precise silage extraction through accurate cutting action

With long-fibre silage and with particulate feed (e.g. corn silage, sugar beet pulp, …), airtight preservation of feed and precise extraction have an important role to play. The MAMMUT SILO BUCKET, a shear bucket, delivers convincing ease and speed of used combined with precision cutting action. The closed bucket bottom on this shear bucket prevents losses during transport and keeps the yard and silo plate clean.

Clean use

Feed losses due to particulate silage can become a real challenge, especially over longer transport distances. The completely closed bottom of the MAMMUT shear bucket keeps feed reliably in the bucket – keeping the bunker silo and transport route clean.

Avoiding feed losses

A compact cut surface is also important for finely chopped feed to prevent the accidental ingress of air and the resultant fermentation process. Thanks to the ingenious design of the shear bucket, the block is separated out of the silo cleanly.

Easing of the workload

The shear bucket is every effective when filling the mixer carriage because there is no need to replace tools or bucket and brush. Also, the MAMMUT shear bucket is ideal for transporting loose material like bruised grain or mineral-based feed.

Your benefits at a glance:

Precise cut for optimum feed

High-quality silage is essential for good milk yields and animal health. Careful silo extraction is also important for finely ground feed to prevent any impairment to quality. With the SILO BUCKET silage shear bucket, thanks to its smooth cutting blade and the ingenious geometry, a precise and compact cut can be achieved in the silo, preventing the accidental ingress of air during extraction from the bunker silo. This eliminates any possibility of heat building up at higher temperatures or even undesirable fermentation.

Technology that protects feed

The MAMMUT silage shear bucket combines the advantages of a bucket and a silo tine, achieving a smooth cutting pattern in the silo through its double-walled design that treats feed gently. The silo remains undamaged during extraction and, for example in combination with a hydraulic pusher, it can be used for laying in stock or for automatic livestock feeding systems.


Silo Bucket N

70 cm block height
Volumes of 0.64 m³ to 0.78 m³

Silo Bucket M

80 cm block height
Volumes of 1.05 m³ to 1.36 m³

Silo Bucket H

110 cm block height
Volumes of 1.48 m³ to 2.12 m³

Silo Bucket XL

130 cm block height
Volumes of 2.52 m³ to 3.13 m³

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