SMART round bale clamping tine

MAMMUT SMART round bale clamping tine

The compact device for lightweight round bales and small carrier vehicles

The SMART round bale clamping tine assures protective transport of bales with its side-mounted round gripper arms. Weighing 160 kg, a tine is ideal for smaller carrier vehicles and light round bales weighing up to approx. 700 kg. As standard, the SMART clamping tine includes a Euro attachment for use on front loaders or farmyard loaders. This model also features a rotary device for movements through up to 180° – ideal when loading from a bale drying system.

For round bales weighing up to approx. 700 kg

Ideal for small, compact carrier vehicles

Weighing 160 kg

Hydraulic gripper arms protect the silo plastic sheeting

Standard equipment, SMART round bale clamping tine
Carrier frame
Euro pick-up
Two gripper arms for protective bale transport

Technical data

SMART round bale clamping tine
Max. bale diameter180 cm
Max. bale weightca. 700 kg
Net weight160 kg
Standard attachmentEuro pick-up


The round shape of the gripper arms protects the plastic sheeting and safeguards the quality of animal feed.

The Euro attachment is standard equipment on the SMART round bale clamping tine.

Above all when loading into storage from freshly wound bales, it is important not to damage the plastic sheeting.

Other models:

Round bale clamping tine  PREMIUM

For round bales weighing up to approx. 1000 kg
Weighing 200 kg

Round bale tine  

with hydraulically adjustable rollers
Weighing 215 kg

Round bale fork  

Tines can be folded up hydraulically
Weighing 95 / 154 kg

Carrier frame  

For sliding on a very extensive range
of round bale tines