MAMMUT round bale fork – can be folded up hydraulically

Fold-up tines for safe road transit

The round bale fork with its hydraulically fold-up tines constitutes a convenient and reliable solution for the transporting of bales. The pointed tines are arranged vertically on the frame when driving unladen, minimising the potential hazard and improving safety for on-road driving. This device is available with either two or with four tines and includes a standard three-point attachment.

Fold-up tines for safety on the road

Available with 2 or 4 tines

Standard three-point attachment

Standard equipment of round bale fork
Carrier frame
Three-point mounting
Two or four tines, can be folded up hydraulically

Technical data

Round bale fork with two tinesRound bale fork with four tines
Max. weight per bale700 kg700 kg
Net weight95 kg154 kg
Standard attachmentThree-point mountingThree-point mounting
Number of tines2 Pc.4 Pc.
Tine spacing580 mm580 mm
Tine diameter45 mm45 mm
FrameTines can be folded up hydraulicallyTines can be folded up hydraulically


The round bale fork handles bale transport quickly and reliably.

Using the standard three-point mounting, the bale fork can be attached quickly and easily to the back of the tractor.

Safety on the road When driving without a load, the tines can simply be folded up hydraulically.

Other models:

Round bale clamping tine  SMART

For round bales weighing up to approx. 700 kg
Weighing 160 kg

Round bale clamping tine  PREMIUM

For round bales weighing up to approx. 1000 kg
Weighing 200 kg

Round bale tine  

with hydraulically adjustable rollers
Weighing 215 kg

Carrier frame  

For sliding on a very extensive range
of round bale tines