The robust silage distributor from 100 HP and above

The Silo Twist CERES rotary silage spreader is designed for larger amounts of feed due to its design and the higher torque at the rotors. The net weight of the distributor is 1,250 kg and therefore also significantly increases the overall weight of the carrier vehicle, which also enhances the compression process. Thanks to the bigger gears, the Silo Twist CERES delivers high performance and reliable distribution quality, even with heavy, long-fibre feed. With its rigid, compact headstock and short design, the Silo Twist CERES ensures convenient working and a good overview when driving on the road. Tractor power of at least 100 HP is recommended for this model.

for tractors with 100 HP and above

Rotor height approx. 45 cm

Distribution width up to 470 cm

Rotors individually secured with cam clutch

Standard equipment of the ST 290 CERES
Three-point attachment cat. 2 and cat. 3
Drive shaft
Rotors individually secured with cam clutch
Standard version suitable for rear mounting (540 rpm)
Hydraulically folding and telescopic swath limitation


Maximum driving comfort with simple operation

With our Silo Twist CERES rotary silage spreader, the swath limiters can be conveniently hydraulically folded and telescoped with a dual-acting function at each side (total 2 x DW).

Technical data

ST 290 Ceres
Machine width in transport position2.900 mm
Distribution width4.700 mm
Power requirementfrom 100 PS and above
PTO shaft speedRear 540 rpm.
Front 1,000 rpm.
Net weightapprox. 1,250 kg
Rotor heightapprox. 45 cm
Overload protectioneach rotor individually secured with cam clutch


Front and rear use: possible with reverse gear

In order to be able to use the Silo Twist CERES silage distributor for front and rear mounting, the model can be upgraded with a reverse and reduction gear. This also increases the scope of application. The reverse gear with integrated reduction gear makes front mounting possible by reducing the rotational speed. The speed of the rotors is adapted to the rear PTO (usually 540 rpm) or optionally also to the front PTO (1,000 rpm).

Front and rear use: The top PTO stub is intended for the rear PTO, and the bottom one for use on the front PTO of the tractor.

Other models:


Distribution width up to 450 cm Rotor height approx. 45 cm

Silo Twist DONAR

Distribution width up to 500 cm Rotor height approx. 67 cm