Rotary silage spreader

Rotary silage spreader SILO TWIST

The silage spreader as the basis for best forage quality

High-quality basic feed keeps animals healthy. The quality of the basic feed is not only defined by correct mowing, tedding, swathing and loading. The loading of the feed into the bunker silo and homogeneous distribution and compaction thereof are also an important element for optimal feed utilisation. The SILO TWIST model series distributes the feed ideally across the width and is perfectly suited for use in bunker silos with homogeneous feed distribution. Thanks to the folding swath curtain (option), this rotary silage spreader guarantees homogeneous silage distribution with an exact edge structure, even in free-standing silo heaps without walls.

Effectiveness due to intelligent technology

The MAMMUT rotary silage spreader ensures that the unloaded feed layers are evenly distributed within the quickest time. This ensures rapid and homogeneous compaction.

A well thought-out concept

As well as effectiveness, uncomplicated handling during ensiling and the distribution capacity of the device play a decisive part. Well thought-out accessories such as optional swath curtains make the distribution process much easier.

Compact silo edge

When the harvest is loaded into the silo, efficient feed distribution is crucial. The MAMMUT rotary silage spreader delivers the best results even with free-standing silo heaps and guarantees a precise silo edge thanks to the optional swath limiters.

Your benefits at a glance:

Best feed quality by means of even distribution in the trench silo

High intake of basic feed is the decisive factor for maximum milk yield with the best possible animal welfare. Increased concentrated feed cannot compensate this. Only nutritious and aerobically stable silage is gladly eaten because of its taste.

In order to be able to produce high-quality silage, many points in the value chain from feed collection to loading into the silo are important. This concerns the choice of the right time for harvesting, the degree of wilting of the feed, the loading and unloading technology and also the optimal distribution, compaction and covering of the feed. When the feed is unloaded and loaded into the bunker silo, it is important for it to be evenly distributed up to the edges of the silo in order to consistently avoid air inclusions and subsequent fermentation pockets. This is the only way to ensure that stable lactic acid fermentation takes place. The individual layers should not be higher than 30 cm – so the feed can also be properly compacted afterwards.

With the rotary silage distributors from MAMMUT, the individual feed layers are distributed quickly and easily across the width of the bunker silo. The three models of the SILO TWIST series provide a wide range of possible uses and accessory options, as well as perfect adaptation to any operation.



Distribution width up to 450 cm
Rotor height approx. 45 cm

Silo Twist CERES

Distribution width up to 470 cm
Rotor height approx. 45 cm

Silo Twist DONAR

Distribution width up to 500 cm
Rotor height approx. 67 cm

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Stories - Customer references

ST 290 DONAR rotary silo distributor DONAR
FORTUNA feed refresher
Gramlinger family
Vöcklamarkt, Vöcklabruck district
Upper Austria (Austria)
ST 290 CERES rotary silo distributor
FORTUNA feed refresher
Hochrainer family
Frankenburg, Vöcklabruck district
Upper Austria (Austria)
ST 290 HURRICANE rotary silo distributor
FORTUNA feed refresher
Deutinger family
Gurten, Ried im Innkreis district
Upper Austria (Austria)
ST 290 CERES rotary silo distributor
Van Dorrestijn agricultural contractor
Ijzendoorn (Netherlands)

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