Bale shear POWER CUT

The bale shear for making it easier to feed livestock

The daily feeding of livestock and its attendant workplace procedures all need to be coordinated effectively. On many farms, bale silage is a popular alternative or supplement to the classic mobile silo. Flexibility, logistics and reliable conservation of animal feed are all arguments in favour of bale silage.

To simplify the delivery of feed, the POWER CUT bale shear here can save time. With the MAMMUT bale shear, bales of silage, hay or straw can be split up quickly and economically, prepared ideally for further processing.

An everyday saving in time

POWER CUT makes the working day easier and distributes round bales in a quick and energy-efficient manner. Its quick and easy cutting characteristics and its ease of handling all ensure that the feeding of livestock runs quickly.

Simplified mixing

The bale shear cuts through the core of round bales – making it easier to spread the feed for the mixing process while also saving time and fuel. Over the long term, the feed mixer is protected by the precise cutting up of silage bales.

Protective technology

The ‘aggressive’ knife and the ingenious geometry of the MAMMUT bale shear protect the device as well as the carrier vehicle. The smooth cut with low resistance assures rapid separation of the round bales.

Your benefits at a glance:

Having control over daily operations

Good coordination with the feeding of livestock is the key to organising the working day as effectively as possible. Regardless of whether using a mobile silo or round bales – timing is critical to the creation of a total mix rotation and to direct delivery to the feed table. The manual feeding of livestock from silage bales not only consumes a lot of effort, it also costs time and money. With the MAMMUT POWER CUT, the delivery of feed becomes child’s play: the round bales required can be transported and cut at the same time using the same device. Cutting of the bale also makes it easier to spread the feed in the feed mixer while also saving time and fuel.

From transport to the delivery of feed: the round bale slicer really does make everyday working life easier.

The POWER CUT provides an easy way to cut round bales using little effort.

Cutting up the silage bales enables the feed to be loaded into the mixer more rapidly.



max. bale diameter 180 cm
430 kg net weight

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