Silage technology

Silage technology

High quality basic feed is the foundation for healthy animals. Animals enjoy good and tasty feed with consistent quality. A good appetite is the basis for a high milk yield, and is ultimately also decisive for economic success. MAMMUT can look back on many years of experience in the field of silage technology, and offers the ideal basis for the best feed quality with its range of products.

Silage loading technology

The right distribution equipment is crucial when the feed is loaded into the bunker silo. The goal here is to distribute it as quickly and evenly as possible as far as the edge of the silo. Air pockets must always be avoided. With the wide range of drum and rotary silage distributors, MAMMUT provides well thought-out solutions for any size of tractor or farm, and for a wide variety of bunker silo situations and designs. The MAMMUT silage rollers in the SILO KOMPAKT series not only make the rolling work easier, but particularly increase the compaction effect in the silo, thereby improving the quality of the silage.

Silage removal technology

The carefully stored feed must also be removed precisely and neatly in order to avoid subsequent feed contamination and incorrect fermentation.

Removing the silage therefore plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality of the feed. It must be ensured that the cut surface of the silo contents remains as intact as possible, because loosening of the feed leads to defective anaerobic fermentation. A neat cut surface significantly reduces the risk of reheating and the formation of mouldy locations in the silo.

In the silo removal area, MAMMUT supplies silage shears for grass silage, shear buckets for maize silage and other fine-grain feed components – as well as silage grab buckets, which are intended for large feed quantities and for a wide range of uses on the farm.

Bale technique

Sensitive machinery is required for transporting round bales so that the plastic film is not damaged. This is particularly the case when storing freshly wrapped bales. The slightest damage to the plastic film results in loss of feed.

A wide range of MAMMUT bale transport devices also ensures that the feed quality is maintained. When it comes to providing feed from silo bales, the main aim is to make work easier: MAMMUT bale shears can cut round bales quickly and effortlessly, and distribute them at the feeding table or for further processing in the feed mixer in an ideal way.