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December 7, 2023
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Accessory options for MAMMUT concrete mixers

Off to the construction site, preparing the compactor, sand, cement …. and getting on with the job – who isn’t familiar with all of that? Concreting is part of almost every building project and it calls for reliable technology to ensure that everything really does run as well as you could wish for in practice. With the TURBO MIX forced concrete mixer it is even possible to tackle impromptu mixing operations on your own account at the weekend. Sand and gravel are already available on many farms – meaning that mixing work can start immediately with Mammut concrete mixers, without having to pre-order fixed quantities for delivery on a specific date. Powered by a tractor PTO shaft and mounted on a three-point attachment, these concrete mixers are ready for operation at any time.

Versatile range of equipment options

No two construction sites are alike. The technical requirements for concrete mixing are different on every farm. For precisely that reason, MAMMUT provides you with the option of adapting your forced concrete mixer to individual circumstances through a large selection of additional equipment. From crop seed equipment for the pickling of grain crops to alternative drive variants such as electric motors or hydraulic motors to hydraulic pusher opening for even more convenient unloading operations. The list is almost endless. In this article, we provide a brief overview of the equipment options for the Mammut TURBO MIX concrete mixer. We would be pleased to advise you face to face or over the phone on this topic and, working together, we are sure to find the right solution for your business.

Extension of the range of applications - pickling of crop seed with the TURBO MIX

Farmers often pickle their own grain crops or crop seed. For this, MAMMUT can provide optional crop seed equipment – this ingenious accessory is simply mounted on the mixer cross of the concrete mixer so that its two guide plates move synchronously with the agitator arms, enabling it to mix even fine-grade components such as grain seed. The mixing equipment is available for all sizes of concrete mixer and can also be retrofitted conveniently at a later date. The tines themselves are made of a special grade of spring steel and are equipped with very tough scraper strips made of HARDOX steel.

Practical tip:

To mix light materials, MAMMUT concrete mixers can also be equipped with an attachment for lightweight materials. The drum extension increases the payload for light mixed materials and can, by way of example, be combined with the crop seed fixture.

Swivel-mounted chute and a great deal more

The chute, which can be swivelled through 180°, is factory-fitted to most TURBO MIX models. Whenever the forced concrete mixer is attached to the back of the tractor, it is possible to drive straight to the construction site with the ready-mixed concrete and to unload it very accurately using the swivel-mounted unloading chute. To further improve workplace convenience, an optional extension was developed for the unloading chute. This accessory makes it possible to extend the length of the chute which means that concrete can be poured into fairly deep areas, e.g. when formwork is being used. In practice, this saves a great deal of manual and wheelbarrow work and makes the forced concrete mixer a more flexible tool on a building site.

Discharge at the construction site: Attached to the tractor with a three-point mounting, you can drive directly to the unloading point with the TURBO MIX.

The swivel-mounted unloading chute is available from Mammut as standard equipment on many models of forced concrete mixer.

Option: A chute extension is available as an accessory to make operations even more convenient and practical.

Side wall scraper and a wide range of universal shafts

The scraper is a popular accessory for the TURBO MIX range and it can also be mounted to the mixer cross. This option is used for easier cleaning of the side walls when mixing earth-moist concrete. Depending on the size of model involved, the scraper can be adjusted to suit the drum diameter and the size of the mixer cross. If necessary, the side wall scraper can also be retrofitted – when placing an order, simply quote the type of your concrete mixer, and the right accessory will then be on its way to you by parcel service. Anyone keen to obtain a complete solution can also order the appropriate universal shaft as an option for the MAMMUT forced concrete mixer. Universal shaft size III is available for the TM 95, TM 125 and TM 150 types. Universal shaft IV is available for the larger models, TM 180 and TM 200.

Scraper for side wall: Type TM 95

This is what sizes TM 125 and TM 150 of the scraper look like

There are also practical accessories for the largest models, the TM 180 and TM 200

Universal shaft III for TM 95 – TM 150

Universal shaft IV for TM 180 – TM 200

Drive with electric or hydraulic motor as alternatives

If you do not have a carrier vehicle with a PTO shaft, MAMMUT concrete mixers can also be driven by electric or oil motors. Depending on the relevant size of forced concrete mixer, electric motors rated for between 4.5 kW and 15 kW are available. All that is needed to drive the mixer with an electric motor is a mains power connection rated for 16 or 32 Amps (depending on motor size). This can be operated easily with a star-type triangular switch. There is also a smart option for concreting: The hydraulic motor can also be ordered as an accessory for the TURBO MIX – the oil motor is a popular choice, especially in conjunction with wheeled loaders or telehandlers. Forklift bags enable the concrete mixer to be transported safely, and are supplied for the versions with electric motor and with hydraulic motor.

Practical tip:

Before you order a concrete mixer with an oil motor, first check the equipment on your carrier vehicle. A depressurised return line and two hydraulic hoses are needed on the loader, lift truck or tractor to enable the mixer to be used with an oil motor. Optionally, you can equip the TURBO MIX with its own attachment for wheeled & yard loaders or for telehandlers.

The right mixer for all needs

Our task as MAMMUT is to simplify work on the construction site through the use of reliable high-quality technology. Regardless of the size of tractor or the volume requirements for concrete, the large range of types, with payloads of 240 to 1200 litres, you can be sure of finding the right size of forced concrete mixer. We would also be pleased to advise you about equipment options for the TURBO MIX concrete mixer to ensure that you make the right choice. Simply contact us by phone on +43 (0) 7757 6701 or by e-mail at office@mammut.at.

In this spirit, we wish you an enjoyable time at work and every success on the construction site.

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