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December 7, 2023
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The TM 95 E and its benefits

Especially when dealing with relatively small volumes of concrete, you may ask yourself what the best way forward might be – using a small mixer of your own or a truckload of ready-mix concrete? With its compact drum size, the TM 95 E concrete mixer provides a smart solution for precisely this kind of application: Equipped as standard with a 4.5 kW electric motor, this 240 litre forced concrete mixer is a reliable assistant for garden construction projects, screed-laying or paving. This concrete mixer is already in operation with many construction companies and also in the private sector. The range of possible applications is extensive, offering many practical benefits.

Electric motor instead of PTO drive

Many models in the MAMMUT range of TURBO MIX forced concrete mixers are used in conjunction with a tractor-mounted PTO drive. Anyone who does not have this option but would still like to do their own concreting will find the TM 95 E concrete mixer to be a reliable alternative. The standard 4.5 kW electric motor only needs a 16 Amp power connection and is actuated using a star-shaped triangular switch. As a cost option, the larger types of MAMMUT forced concrete mixer can be supplied with an electric motor. To enable this compact concrete mixer also to be moved and transported by hand, two wheels are mounted to the stationary subframe: When mixing commences, the support feet are simply removed and the appliance is then ready for immediate operation.

Versatile operation on the construction site

The TM 95 E has a drum diameter of 950 mm – which means that 240 litres of concrete can be mixed reliably to a high quality standard. By way of example, this can save a great deal of the physical effort involved in garden construction: Due to its compact dimensions, the compact concrete mixer can simply be transported directly to its operating location with a truck-mounted crane or using the yard or wheeled loader. And this is precisely what distinguishes this model of concrete mixer from its larger counterparts. Although generally speaking the TM 150 type is the one most frequently sold, the smallest MAMMUT forced concrete mixer, the TM 95 E, is the one that wins in terms of compact dimensions and versatility in operation. This model can also make other tasks a great deal easier, such as the laying of kerb stones for paving or areas with a screed coating.

Ready for operation anywhere and at any time: The TM 95 E convinces through flexibility and compact size.

TM 95 E with standard equipment

All that is needed to operate the mixer is a mains power connection rated for 16 Amps.

Mixing concrete yourself

In terms of technology and quality, the TM 95 E concrete mixer can also hold its own with the larger models. The robust agitator inside the drum comprises a strong mixer cross, three tines made of a special grade of spring steel and high-quality scratch strips at the end of each spring tine. This forced mixing system quickly mixes water, sand or gravel and cement into a homogeneous and high-quality mass that is easy to apply in external as well as internal building work. MAMMUT provides a 3-year factory warranty on the concrete mixer gearbox which speaks volumes for the long service life and high-quality technology you obtain from Austria.

The robust forced mixing system produces high-quality and homogeneous concrete.

The TM 95 E is very popular indeed in the garden construction sector.

The spring tines on the agitator are equipped with wear-resistant Hardox scraper strips.

Mixing larger quantities yourself

For DIY enthusiasts and farmers who need large amounts of concrete, or for construction companies, there is also a selection of larger models of concrete mixer: The range starts with the TM 95 type with a drum diameter of 950 mm that can produce 240 litres of concrete. Four more sizes with capacities of 500 litres, 750 litres, 1000 litres and even 1200 litres round off the product range. In addition to the standard equipment, every forced concrete mixer in the TURBO MIX series can be equipped with an ingenious range of accessories or alternative drive options to adapt them to different needs. More than 20,000 of our popular range of concrete mixers from Austria are already in service around the world.

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