Standard pan mixer


The pan mixer for versatile and mobile use on the farm

The standard pan mixer TURBO MIX is very popular due to its variety of models and easy handling and is used thousands of times worldwide. The range extends from 240 litres to 1,200 litres of usable concrete and from 950 mm to 2,000 mm drum diameter. Thus, the TURBO MIX can be used for small tractors as well as for larger carrier vehicles, depending on the type and requirements. With the standard three-point linkage including chain as well as a bag opener and the tractor guard, the tractor concrete mixer is always ready for spontaneous use. A wide range of accessories and drive variants also allow the TURBO MIX to be adapted to individual requirements.

Large variety of types

Uniform mixing quality

Flexible use around the house & yard

3 years warranty on the gear

Type overview

MAMMUT Betonmischer TURBO MIX TM 95

TM 95

The TM 95 concrete mixer is the entry-level model in the TURBO MIX series. A tractor output of 20 hp is already sufficient for this. With a drum diameter of 950 mm, the unit offers space for approx. 240 litres of concrete despite its compact design and is therefore also ideal for small and precise mixes.

MAMMUT Betonmischer TURBO MIX TM 125

TM 125

TM 125, with a drum diameter of 1,250 mm, has a useful volume capacity of approx. 500 litres and is very popular for use in combination with small to medium-sized carrier vehicles due to its low dead weight. For simultaneous mixing and transporting, a minimum power of 50 hp is already completely sufficient in this instance.

MAMMUT Betonmischer TURBO MIX TM 150

TM 150

Best-selling: With a usable concrete volume of 750 litres and a drum diameter of 1,500 mm, the TM 150 is one of MAMMUT's best-selling compulsory mixers. From 80 hp upwards, you can mix perfectly with this type in three-point mode and then take the finished mix directly to the construction site.

MAMMUT Betonmischer TURBO MIX TM 180

TM 180

The second largest type in the TURBO MIX series has a drum diameter of 1,800 mm and a possible useful concrete volume of 1,000 litres. The swivelling chute is also standard on this model, ensuring working comfort and accuracy during discharge. The towing vehicle should have at least 100 hp for ideal operation of the mixer, also to cope with the weight of the mixer in the three-point linkage.

MAMMUT TURBO MIX TM 200 concrete mixer

TM 200

With a drum diameter of 2,000 mm, the TM 200 is the professional model among the MAMMUT pan mixers. The usable volume of 1,200 litres of concrete enables easy mixing of large quantities in a very short time. Equipped with three openings including swivelling discharge chutes, the TM 200 offers flexible use with maximum performance. For optimal operation of the concrete mixer, a minimum power of 120 hp is required.

Technical data

TM 95TM 125TM 150TM 180TM 200
Usable capacity for concrete240 l500 l750 l1.000 l1.200 l
Capacity for light material without light material attachment320 l700 l940 l1.200 l1.400 l
Capacity for light material with light material attachment-850 l1.230 l1.500 l1.720 l
Drum diameter950 mm1.250 mm1.500 mm1.800 mm2.000 mm
Drum height500 mm625 mm625 mm625 mm625 mm
Type of drivePTO shaftPTO shaftPTO shaftPTO shaftPTO shaft
Power requirementMixing and driving from 20 hpMixing and driving from 50 hpMixing and driving from 80 hpMixing and driving from 100 hpMixing and driving from 120 hp
Net weightapprox. 280 kgapprox. 350 kgapprox. 450 kgapprox. 510 kgapprox. 580 kg
Spring-loaded mixing arms3 pc.4 pc.4 pc.4 pc.5 pc.
Concrete mixing capacityapprox. 4 m³ / happrox. 8 m³ / happrox. 13 m³ / happrox. 15 m³ / happrox. 17 m³ / h
Number of pushers1 pc. mechanical1 pc. mechanical1 pc. mechanical1 pc. mechanical3 pc. mechanical
ChuteRigidSwivelling 180 °Swivelling 180 °Swivelling 180 °Swivelling 180 °


Drive shaft

A wide variety of PTO shafts are available as accessories for the TURBO MIX compulsory mixer. The PTO shaft size III is perfectly suited for the models TM 95 to TM 150, for the models TM 180 and TM 200 there is the size IV. This means that the mixer can be used very easily with the matching PTO shaft in the three-point.

PTO shaft size III

PTO shaft size IV

Other models:

Self-filling pan mixer 

500 to 750 litres usable quantity of concrete
125 to 150 cm drum diameter

Special pan mixer  

240 to 750 litres usable quantity of concrete
95 to 150 cm drum diameter

Combination pan mixer 

750 litres usable quantity of concrete
150 cm drum diameter