Combination pan mixer

MAMMUT COMBI MIX combination pan mixer

Mix concrete and fill sandbags with only one unit

This combination pan mixer combines the advantages of the classic pan mixer with those of a sandbag filling machine. The two standard filling nozzles ensure quick filling of the silo or sandbags. When pouring concrete, close these openings with the covers provided for this purpose and use the manual pusher to discharge the finished mix. The 1,500 mm drum type “KM 150 2S” has space for approx. 750 litres of concrete.

Double benefit thanks to sophisticated technology

Narrow filling nozzles for silo bags as an option

Universal and uncomplicated to use

3 years warranty on the gear


Easy and fast filling

The patented bagging system makes it possible to fill sandbags at an ergonomic working height and in the shortest possible time. The built-in spring automatically returns the galvanised nozzle to its original position when it is released, thus closing it. This enables precise dosing with maximum working comfort. The two filling nozzles supplied as standard are suitable for sandbags from a size of approx. 30 x 60 cm.

Dual use: Sandbag filling machine and compulsory mixer

The two filling nozzles are attached to the bottom of the mixer with screws and can thus be removed quickly and easily during concreting. The covers supplied as standard close the openings and the COMBI MIX is ready for use as a compulsory mixer. This model thus combines the advantages of a sandbag filling machine with those of a classic tractor concrete mixer.

Optional nozzles for silo bags

For sandbags with smaller dimensions, which are mainly used for covering driving silos, narrower filling spouts are available as additional equipment for the COMBI MIX. This means that the combination concrete mixer can easily be used to fill the silo bags if it is not needed as a compulsory mixer. This increases the application possibilities of the mixer on the farm many times over. The two optional silo nozzles are suitable for silo bags from a size of approx. 22 x 60 cm.

Technical data

KM 150 2S
Usable capacity - for concrete750 l
Usable capacity - for sand800 l
Capacity for light material - without light material attachment940 l
Capacity for light material - with light material attachment1.230 l
Drum diameter1.500 mm
Drum height625 mm
Type of drivePTO shaft
Power requirementMixing and driving from 80 hp
Net weightapprox. 500 kg
Spring-loaded mixing arms4 pc.
Concrete mixing capacityapprox. 13 m³ / h
Output - bags per hourapprox. 1.200 pc.
Number of pushers1 pc. mechanical
Chute180° left and right swivelling
Anzahl Abfüllstutzen2 Stk.
Mindestmaß Sandsäcke30 x 60 cm


Silo nozzles

Narrower filling nozzles are available as accessories for the COMBI MIX especially for filling silo bags. Thanks to the patented bagging system, they are very user-friendly and can also be retrofitted at a later date without any problems. This accessory is suitable for silo bags from a size of approx. 22 x 60 cm.

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