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Pan mixer TURBO MIX

Flexible concreting with the MAMMUT pan mixer

Whether it’s construction of a stable or renovation work – all around the house and farm, there are constantly smaller and larger maintenance and extension jobs to be done all year round. Fast and uncomplicated production of the required concrete is an absolute prerequisite for ensuring smooth operations on the construction site. Thousands of satisfied customers now rely on the MAMMUT pan mixer, which has become an essential part of the machinery, especially on the farm. The pan mixers of the TURBO MIX series are positioned exactly between the large ready-mixed concrete truck and the mobile mixing machine in terms of handling and win over not only with their first-class mixing quality when mixing concrete themselves, but also with their flexible application possibilities in agriculture.

Quick and uncomplicated

With their robust compulsory mixing system, MAMMUT pan mixers guarantee a high-quality, fast and uncomplicated mixing process. Simultaneous mixing and driving at the rear of the tractor makes work even easier and increases flexibility.

An economical solution

For smaller construction sites in particular, the use of the pan mixer is often the most cost-effective alternative. In this instance, the TURBO MIX offers an economical solution both in the agricultural sector for seed dressing and in the commercial sector.

Flexible in operation

Spontaneous repair work or weekend operations are no problem with the MAMMUT pan mixer. In addition to the classic use on the construction site, the compulsory mixer is also used for grain dressing. The mixing process ensures homogeneous wetting of the seed.

Your benefits at a glance:

Mixing concrete yourself: Economic efficiency as a decisive factor

The flexibility of being ready for immediate use at any time also increases economic efficiency. You are not bound to fixed deadlines, you have more possibilities to work on your own and you are not dependent on ready-mixed concrete deliveries. Thanks to the clout of the tractor concrete mixer, smaller and larger mixes can be realised cheaply and quickly without having to fear shortages. This guarantees the cost efficiency of the MAMMUT compulsory mixer, whether mixing screed or plaster/mortar.


Standard pan mixer 

240 to 1200 litres usable quantity of concrete
95 to 200 cm drum diameter

Self-filling pan mixer 

500 to 750 litres usable quantity of concrete
125 to 150 cm drum diameter

Special pan mixer  

240 to 750 litres usable quantity of concrete
95 to 150 cm drum diameter

Combination pan mixer 

750 litres usable quantity of concrete
150 cm drum diameter

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