Feed Master FORTUNA


Efficient for large quantities and long-fibre feed

The FORTUNA Feed Master combines the highest levels of efficiency and convenience. The big drum diameter of 700 mm makes it possible to prepare long-fibre feed and to do so in large quantities. With the robust, one-sided mounting, free clearing is assured without feed blockage. A wide range of accessories such as Double-sided clearing, a power feed container for the targeted use of feed loosening agent or a clearing blade for removing feed residue all make this device adaptable enough to suit individual circumstances.

Also for large quantities of long-fibre feed

700 mm drum diameter

1.35 m clearing width

One-sided mounting for free clearing

FORTUNA Feed Master standard equipment
Drive with oil motor
Three-point attachment
Three wheels
Left or right clearing
Rubber lip (floor clearing strip)

Technical data

FM Fortuna
Drum diameter700 mm
Clearing width1,35 m
Net weightca. 350 kg
DriveOil motor
Oil requirementfrom approx. 30 l/min.


Attachments for every carrier vehicle

Anyone wishing to use their feed pusher on a front loader, yard loader, wheel loader or telehandler instead of on the back of the tractor can choose from a vast array of attachment options from MAMMUT. Thanks to the many years of experience that MAMMUT has in feed & silage technology, it can offer a wide selection of attachments for many types of loader. Bolted attachment plates make it easy to adjust the feed refresher to new conditions when switching to a different carrier vehicle. When using the FORTUNA in combination with a front loader, yard loader or wheel loader , there is also the option of pendular compensation. This enables the attachment plate in move freely up and down in float setting.

A very wide range of bolted attachments is available for the FORTUNA feed refresher.

Pendular compensation means that irregularities in the ground can be compensated for very effectively.

Other models:

Feed Master FORTY

490 mm drum diameter
for short feed & total mixes


700 mm drum diameter
as a reinforced version for fresh grass