Reducing workload when feeding animals with fresh grass

Ideal for pasture milk dairy farms: The FORTUNA SPECIAL makes physical work a great deal easier during feed preparation with fresh grass. With the feed pusher, it is no problem to move large quantities of green fodder to the bars of the feeding fence and livestock are continuously provided with sufficient quantities of fresh feed. With a drum height of 700 mm and a reinforced centre gearbox drive with hex shaft, the fresh grass clearer delivers reliable work that makes everyday feeding much easier. A varied range of accessories enables the machine to be adapted to suit local conditions.

For fresh grass and large quantities

Ideal for pasture milk dairy farms

Reinforced driveline

A wide range of accessories

Standard equipment for FORTUNA SPECIAL Feed Master
Drive with oil motor
Stronger drive with centre gearbox and hex shaft
Three-point attachment
Three wheels
Left or right clearing
Rubber lip (floor clearing strip)


The challenge for fresh grass feeding

For many farmers, manually pushing fresh grass is all part of the daily routine: Pasture milk dairies in particular like to provide fresh feed in the summer. A major challenge here is of course naturally the physical workload on the one hand, but also supplying the cattle with a large quantity of fresh grass at the feeding fence on a continuous basis, and in doing so also avoiding feed leftovers at the end of the day.

Added convenience in the animal shed

MAMMUT provides mechanical support for the distribution of freshly mown grass: the FORTUNA SPECIAL Feed Master feed refresher uses its screw system to convey green fodder reliably to the feeding fence. With the additional equipment option of a clearing blade, it is possible to deliver the feed to the animals in a single step with ease, even with wide feed strips.

Feed always supplied fresh

Due to the constant quantity of fodder in the feed area, cattle are encouraged to consume more forage – which promotes animal health while also having a positive impact on milk yield.

Before feeding: remaining feed can be removed using the clearing blade.

For the most part, green fodder is unloaded directly into the feed trough

The FORTUNA SPECIAL Feed Master conveys fresh grass to the feeding fence

Cows are supplied continuously with fresh feed

Technical data

FM Fortuna Spezial
Drum diameter700 mm
Clearing width1,35 m
Net weightca. 410 kg
DriveOil motor
Oil requirementfrom approx. 30 l/min.


Attachments for every carrier vehicle

Anyone wishing to use their feed pusher on a front loader, yard loader, wheel loader or telehandler instead of on the back of the tractor can choose from a vast array of attachment options from MAMMUT. Thanks to the many years of experience that MAMMUT has in feed & silage technology, it can offer a wide selection of attachments for many types of loader. Bolted attachment plates make it easy to adjust the feed refresher to new conditions when switching to a different carrier vehicle. Pendular compensation is also included in the scope of delivery, in combination with a front loader, yard loader or wheel loader. This enables the attachment plate in move freely up and down in float setting.

All attachments on the feed refresher are bolted and can be adapted to suit a different carrier vehicle without the need for welding.

Other models:

Feed Master FORTY

490 mm drum diameter
for short feed & total mixes

Feed Master FORTUNA

700 mm drum diameter
for long feed & large quantities