Feed pusher FEED MASTER

Permanently fresh feed with the FEED MASTER

Continuous feed intake is the key to high performance levels in the animal shed. Anyone who provides their cattle with fresh, tasty feed all the time is well placed to achieve consistently high levels of performance and optimum animal welfare. The feed pusher FEED MASTER not only makes daily animal shed work much easier, it also keeps the feed loosened up and well mixed all the time. This does more than reduce the effort of manual spreading of the feed, it also avoids selectivity and increases the level of forage consumption.

Increased forage consumption

By pushing through, loosening and mixing the feed being presented, the cattle are encouraged to visit the feed trough frequently which practical experience has shown to increase forage consumption and to provide optimum nutrition. That is because cattle prefer eating fresh-smelling and tasty feed.

Healthy livestock

Consistent feeding behaviour without jostling at the feed trough helps to make feed intake more relaxed, leading to consistent performance. Pushing the feed forward frequently has a positive impact on animal welfare and on the fertility of the livestock.

More success in the animal shed

The feed pusher with auger from MAMMUT aerates and mixes the feed again and again. The ration is enhanced and, at the end of the day, less feed is left uneaten. Using the feed pusher conserves resources and boosts cost-effectiveness.

Your benefits at a glance:

Loosened up feed tastes better

The feed harvesting sequence is not only a decisive factor on feed trough quality. It is also important for the quality of feed not to be compromised after preparation of a total mix rotation. To ensure that the enhanced mix ration retains its quality after the first feed, the fodder should be pushed forward several times a day. The screw-shaped drum on the MAMMUT feed refresher once again loosens up the ration already presented and mixes it thoroughly – this process retains the aroma of the feed and also prevents undesirable heat build-up. This encourages the livestock to eat more and consistently reduces selectivity. This has a quantifiable beneficial impact on milk production and on animal welfare.

BEFORE: After the first feed, the animals pushed away the fodder and partially sorted it.

FORTY Feed Master

AFTER: The cows are encouraged to eat again once the feed has been refreshed


Feed Master FORTY

490 mm drum diameter
for short feed & total mixes

Feed Master FORTUNA

700 mm drum diameter
for long feed & large quantities


700 mm drum diameter
as a reinforced version for fresh grass

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Stories - Customer references

FORTUNA Feed Master feed refresher
ST 290 Hurricane rotary silo distributor
Deutinger family
Gurten, Ried i. I. district
Upper Austria (Austria)
FORTUNA SPECIAL Feed Master feed refresher
Haselgruber family
Lengau, Braunau am Inn district
Upper Austria (Austria)
FORTUNA Feed Master feed refresher
Silo Twist CERES silage distributor
Hochrainer family
Frankenburg, Vöcklabruck district
Upper Austria (Austria)

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