The compact mixer carriage with a volume of 4.5 m³

As an optimum supplement for use with the tractor, MAMMUT has developed the towed PM 4.0 A 4.5 m³ mixer. This compact mixer carriage is characterised by its low design which means that it can also distribute feed in buildings with low headroom. If being filled using front loader, yard loader or wheel loader, the towed feed mixer has the advantage of a low tipping height.

Low design

For PTO drive on the tractor

A wide range of accessories

Also suitable for long-fibre feed

Standard equipment for TOWED Profi Mix
Mixing hoppers, a screw, trailer axle and tyres
One-sided wide-angle universal shaft
Hydraulic clearing
Two counter-cutters
Straw ring and rubber extension

Technical data

PM 4.0 A
Fill volume4.5 m³
Fill volume with extension (accessories)5.5 m³
Max. fill quantity (approx.)1,600 kg
Number of cowsapprox. 20 - 30 GVE
Number of augers1
AttachmentTrailer axle and tyres
Type of driveTractor PTO shaft
Output speed with frequency converterapprox. 26 – 40 rpm.
Number of cutters4 x big / 2 x small
Net weight1,730 kg
Height2.15 m
Width1 pusher = 2.09 m
2 pushers = 2.22 m
Length4.05 m


Electronic weighing systems increase mix precision

Precise calculation of group-assigned rations requires accurate dosing. To ensure that individual feed components genuinely are added in the right quantities, it is advisable to use an electronic weighing system. With the help of weighing rods, portioning can, depending on setting, be defined precisely to within 1.0 kilogram which assures uniform mix rotation and therefore homogeneous feeding of the herd. With the PROFI MIX models, you can choose between the simple BASIC adding scale and the PROFESSIONAL programmable scale. The PROFESSIONAL weighing system saves up to 24 recipes, each with 18 components and can be programmed by number of cattle or by total weight. As optional extras for this professional scale, other functions such as a modem app package or a light or horn signal is available to indicate when the right quantity is reached.

We would be pleased to advise you about our weighing system and are sure to find the right solution for your farm:

BASIC weighing system

PROFESSIONAL weighing system

Modem app package is available

Weighing system can be called up on your mobile phone

Other models:


Stationary with e-motor
Volumes of 1.5 m³ to 4.0 m³


Self-propelled with a petrol engine or an electric motor
Volumes of 1.5 m³ to 2.5 m³