Feed mixer PROFI MIX

The right mixture of feed is the key to success

The concept of the total mixed ration has become well established in recent years. Rising performance demands for individual farms also call for new concepts in livestock farming and feeding. Feed preparation in the form of feed mixers has proven itself here not only in high-performance fattening and dairy cattle farming, a constant provision of feed also delivers significant advantages in calf rearing. Until now however, easing the workload through feed mixing technology was reserved only for larger operations. With the individual solutions in its compact PROFI MIX feed mixer, MAMMUT has created a flexible solution for total mixed rations for small and medium-sized farms.

Uniform feed intake

With the PROFI MIX feed mixer, constant daily gains in livestock weight can be achieved. In the dairy cattle business, performance levels and also milk quality are assured. Selective eating at the feed trough is minimised and lower-tier livestock also receive a continuous supply of high-quality feed.

Ideal digestion process

By tearing up and mixing the fibres in individual feed components in the feed mixer, the pH value remains stable in the rumen or first stomach, boosting digestion activity and feed consumption levels. For the farm, this reduces the feed costs and, with the right recipe, profitability is also improved substantially.

Flexibility in the application

The stationary, trailed or self-propelled PROFI MIX feed mixer not only makes daily animal shed work much easier, it also assures economic use of a farm’s own feed resources. Each mix rotation can be adapted to suit each individual farm, feed concept and performance targets.

Your benefits at a glance:

Efficient feeding thanks to ingenious technology

Whether for milk production, bullock or calf rearing – feed quality and feed intake have a big role to play in every area. Many farms work intensively with an ingenious feed concept, a recipe for mix rotation and the selection of individual ingredients. This work pays dividends not only for the livestock but also, longer term, delivers an improvement in cost-effectiveness thanks to higher daily growth rates and milk yields respectively. The key to having a tasty ration depends in part on the composition but also on consistent mix quality from the feed mixer. Here, the chopping up and fibre separation of feed must relate favourably to the mixing process.

A constant mixing ratio makes the difference

When MAMMUT was developing its PROFI MIX feed mixer, it paid particular attention to the design of the delivery screws. Since these mixers, with compact volumes of 1.5 to 4.5 m³, are popular in cattle and calf rearing, precise mix ratios are very important in order to produce a consistent ration from a wide variety of different types of feed. With the STATIONARY and TOWED Profi Mix, the distance between mixing hopper and screw is chosen to ensure that all feed components can be chopped up and mixed reliably. With a total of six blades and a corresponding number of counter-cutters, this vertical screw can deliver good cutting performance even with high proportions of raw fibre. The self-propelled PM 2.5 SELF-PROPELLED feed mixer, with its unique hopper shape and its powerful mixer screws, is the perfect complement to the stationary or towed systems made by MAMMUT. In particular, small components, e.g. for calf TMR are mixed homogeneously and precise mix results are obtained.

Optimum feed quality

Yearlings / bullock TMR

Calf TMR straw

PROFI MIX stationary and towed

Self-propelled PROFI MIX screw



Stationary with e-motor
Volumes of 1.5 m³ to 4.5 m³

Profi Mix TOWED

Tractor-towed with PTO drive
4.5 m³ volume


Self-propelled with a petrol engine or an electric motor
Volumes of 1.5 m³ to 2.5 m³

Media & brochures

Stories - Customer references

feed mixer PROFI MIX
‘PM 4.0 A’
Wührer family
Burgkirchen, Braunau am Inn district
Upper Austria (Austria)
feed mixer PROFI MIX
"PM 4.0 A"
shear grab SILO CAT
"SC 170 M"
Sarah and Ralf
Lambrechten, district of Ried im Innkreis
Upper Austria (Austria)
feed mixer PROFI MIX
"PM 2.5 SFB"
Wallner family
Bad Gams, Deutschlandsberg district
Styria (Austria)
Feed mixer PROFI MIX
„PM 4.0 ST“
Distribution wagon DISTRIBUTOR
„D 1.5 SF electric cable"
Shear grab SILO CAT
Silage spreader SILO FOX
Johannes Pöllitzer
Lasaberg, district of Tamsweg
Salzburg (Austria)
feed mixer PROFI MIX
‘PM 4.0 ST’
distribution wagon DISTRIBUTOR
‘D 1.5 SFB’
Aichinger family
Zipf, Vöcklabruck district
Upper Austria (Austria)

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